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The CGX series used to blowing PET, filling water into The PET bottle and then capping the bottles,
capacity 15000 up to 48000BPH. Combibloc has been trend Now as it helps to save factory space, electricity and
water consumption.

Blowing capacity per cavity is 1900-2000BPH (based on 550ML water bottle).
Unique mould clamping unit, more durable structure and adjustable blowing
pressure (first blowing, second blowing viable to be precisely adjusted) lead to
ideally distributed bottle thickness. System halt and shut down due to perform
defects are avoided by the specific design of the bottle mouth sealing method when
blowing. The heating oven’s thermoregulation is by 8-10 sections of far infrared
rays. Each set of the heating lamps can be adjusted according to the process
requirements in the preheating and adjusting sections. The online temperature
recording system is equipped to make sure the precise heating is achieved. The
heating heads are upgraded by specific materials to get three times working
life. At the same time, the overheating outside the preform is avoided, thus about
30% of energy is saved for the customers compared with other types of heating
system. The high-pressure air recycling system is applied to the air circuit with
45% of air consumption is saved. The mould has a longer life on a special surface.