3L - 12L washing, filling and capping machine 700bph

ZGCF 3-3-1 500BPH Unit Price: $ 16800

ZGCF 4-4-1 700BPH Unit Price: $ 22450

ZCGF washing, filling and capping mono-block machine for 3L up to 12L bottle size is the advanced product of SCIL Machinery. The advanced filling technology and further improvement have been combined together for the machine. In order to make it easier for transportation and installation, the machine is composed of a bottle washing machine, filling machine, transition, capping machine and detachable boarding. The total process, from bottle-in, washing, filling, and capping until bottle-out, is completely automatic. It’s suitable for filling purified water.

3L - 12L washing, filling and capping machine 700bph

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