1m Air conveyor

Unit price: $ 750

Air Conveyor is mainly used in the automatic filling production line of PET bottle beverage or water. It is the intermediate transportation of connecting blowing machine, unstacking machine, bottle storage conveying table and filling machine. By using wind as the driving force, the PET bottle is transmitted in a single column between the devices. The main body of the air duct is made of stainless steel plate, the air duct tuyere is formed by stamping, and the guide bar with super high molecular material is installed at the bottom of the air duct. By adjusting the gap between the guide bars at the bottle neck, the PET bottle is naturally suspended on the guide strip. When the fan is started, the wind is discharged from the air outlet and blown directly to the bottle mouth and bottle body, so that the bottle mouth and bottle body are subjected to a certain pressure. Under the action of pressure, the bottle can be transported quickly along the track of the designed duct conveying line. In each transmission mode, the modular unit design structure is adopted, and each unit module can be configured and connected according to the requirements of the actual production line. By connecting with special unit structures, such as one two and two in one, the duct conveyance line can realize special multipath transportation.  

1m Air conveyor

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