Manual Blowing Machine capacity up to 800 BPH

0.2L - 5L Unit Price: $ 5350

0.2L - 7L Unit price: $ 6350

This system is ideal for start-up and small-scale companies and is reliable, heavy-duty, and capable of producing a wide variety of high-quality P.E.T. bottles for many industries like water, juice, liquid detergent, vegetable oil, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and personal care items which are just a few examples.

  1   Original FESTO air cylinder.
  2   Minimize your initial investment by starting small.
  3   Add additional systems economically as your business grows.
  4   Bottles of different sizes can be produced simultaneously to meet your exact requirements.
  5   Change over from one size to another can be completed simply and quickly.
  6   The tooling costs (moulds) are low since the design of the system is simple.
  7   Systems can be dedicated to producing particular bottle sizes. A short operator-training period due to the simplicity of the design.
  8   Maintenance costs are kept to a minimum and highly-trained personnel are not required
Manual Blowing Machine capacity up to 800 BPH

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