Anti corrosive liquids filling machine

Anti corrosive liquids filling machine


1. This anti-corrosive filling machine is high-tech filling equipment controlled by microcomputer PLC programmable, equip with photo electricity transduction and pneumatic action.

2. The whole machine is made of PP anti-corrosive material and with diving function filling head, can effectively eliminate the bubbles.

3. The filling machine mainly used for the packing of chemical products, such as detergent, bleaching, sulphuric acid, gel-water, strong acid liquid fertilizer, can suit for packing all kinds of bottle shapes and irregular bottles.

4. The diaphragm valve is within the body and the cover is equipped with a flexible diaphragm or combination of the diaphragm, the closing member is connected to the diaphragm of a compression device.

5. Diaphragm valve has the advantage of its operating mechanism pathway is separated with the media, not only to ensure the working medium of pure but also prevent pipeline medium impact operating mechanism in the possibility of working parts.

6. Capacity filling up to 8,000 bottles per hour.

7. Bottle size up to 5L.