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5 Gallons manual Blowing Machine 150 BPH

SC-90 semi-automatic stretch blow moulding machine has been improved and designed by CE standard. With the microcomputer controlling system, it controls various technical parameter...

Unit Price: $ 13950


 full-automatic pet stretch blow moulding machine is the most stable two-step automatic stretch blow moulding machine.  maximum capacity of the products is 1.5L. It can blow bottle...

Unit Price: $ 16850

Manual Blowing Machine capacity up to 800 BPH

This system is ideal for start-up and small-scale companies and is reliable, heavy-duty, and capable of producing a wide variety of high-quality P.E.T. bottles for many industries...

0.2L - 5L Unit Price: $ 5350

0.2L - 7L Unit price: $ 6350

0.2L - 1.5L Automatic blowing machine 2,800 BPH

With high-efficiency SCIL Machinery patented blowing valve; can directly connect with filling machine, easy mould install design; 2800BPH for 500ml water bottle; 30% air recovery s...

Unit price: $ 23775

0.2L - 2L Liner washing, filling & capping line up to 2,000BPH

The monoblock washer filler capper machine is composed of a QS washer, CG filler, FXZ capper connected by a linear conveyor system, it is suitable for just trail started customers...

Unit price for water filling: $ 12850

Unit price for hot filling: $ 18250

Unit price for CSD filling: $ 19850

Unit price for glass bottles: $ 17890

3L - 12L washing, filling and capping machine 700bph

ZCGF washing, filling and capping mono-block machine for 3L up to 12L bottle size is the advanced product of SCIL Machinery. The advanced filling technology and further improvement...

ZGCF 3-3-1 500BPH Unit Price: $ 16800

ZGCF 4-4-1 700BPH Unit Price: $ 22450

5 GALLONS Washing, filling & capping machine 150BPH

TXG-150 washing, filling, capping machine is the key equipment for drinking barreled water of 3 gallons and 5-gallon production. It is the ideal equipment for mineral water, purifi...

Unit Price: $ 8800

0.2L - 2L washing, filling and capping mono-block machine

CGF8-8-3 type washing, filling and capping mono-block machine is the advanced product . The advanced filling technology and further improvement have been combined together for the...

Unit price for 3,000 BPH: $ 17250

Unit price for 6,000 BPH: $ 25000

Automatic Plastic Cup washing, Filling & Sealing Machine

This is a newly designed machine for washing filling and sealing of juice, milk, fresh cream, jelly, pudding, mineral water, seasoning and daily chemical etc. Capacity up to 20000...

Unit price for 4 heads 3000 CPH: $ 14280

Unit price for 6 heads 4,500 CPH: $ 18950

0.2L - 2L Sleeve labeling machine 6,000 bph

The body of this label inserting machine adopts a great deal of aluminium alloy, combined with anode treatment and 304 stainless steel, enabling the overall structure of the machin...

Unit price: $ 13400

Steam heat tunnel

Steam heat tunnel used to shrink the PVC label around the bottle after the label machine.

Unit Price: $ 3850

Semi-auto sleeve wrapper and PE film shrinking machine 2 - 5 P/M

This semi-auto sleeve wrapper is suitable for packing cans, mineral water, beer, glass bottles, drink bottles, etc, without bottom bracket or bottom prop. When it work together wit...

Unit Price: $ 2200

JET thermal shrink packaging machine

The model PE Film Shrink Packing Machine is the latest model of heat shrink packaging equipment, using a jet loop heating, durable, energy-saving and efficient. Use of electroni...

Unit price: $ 3100

Economic palletizer 10-15 Packs / Cartons per minute

Avoid manual palletizing, it is a headache. The economic palletizer is the best option for those who are looking to save time cost and money cost in palletizing step. All the parts...

Unit Price without pallet feeder : $ 29600

Full unit price: $ 48200

1m Belt conveyor

This kind of motor belt conveyor is used in the beverage production lines to connect the separate machines into a whole automatic line.  It is used to convey glass bottles or the ...

Unit price for PP material belt conveyor: $ 280

Unit price for stan steel material belt conveyor: $ 380

1m Air conveyor

Air Conveyor is mainly used in the automatic filling production line of PET bottle beverage or water. It is the intermediate transportation of connecting blowing machine, unstackin...

Unit price: $ 750

Water treatment equipment

Water treatment system, also called water filtration sterilizer system, is the process of purifying the raw water by a series of equipment and devices to be drinkable. This system...

Unit Price for 1.5m: $ 8300

Unit Price for 2m: $ 9300